Own Your Life – How Mentors Serve Your Internal Motivation

Faced with life’s obstacles, we tend to perceive ourselves as alone on the battlefield, often ignoring our available allies. Mentors and Coaches which are waiting on the outskirts, ready to spark our internal motivation and serve us with proven strategies for success.

It doesn’t take much to look around and see that the majority of us are somehow struggling with life.

Most of us are simply functioning on demand based on what we perceive to be required, but not much driven by any actual internal motivation.

Life seems hard and it indeed may be, especially once we lose ourselves in the traps we set up and call responsibilities.

Our families, relationships, jobs, chores, bills – everything our lives consist of regularly seems to turn against us – more so ruining our pleasure than adding to it.

We go around meeting people as if stepping onto an audition stage, ready to receive a rating and criticism of our performance.

Which is why our internal motivation is not really driven by our own aspirations anymore, but rather by aiming for the validation of our act.

That’s how we get lost, experiencing life as a battle. 

Needless to say that living this way, we take a lot of hits and collect a lot of injuries. Which are limiting our overall mobility and wellbeing and thus making life even harder than it was to begin with.

Nowadays we call these injuries burnout, anxiety, or depression.

To fight on our own when already injured, does not serve the probability of a victory and is a great motivation killer.

The Best Ally Is A Mentor Or Coach

The best ally when attempting to make your claim in order to own your life again, is a Mentor or Coach who is trained to spark and feed your internal motivation to do so.

Still, while in battle or competition mode, many of us are refusing to approach Life Coaches, Counselors or Trainers. We do this because we often interpret the presentation of those services as a huge ego show.

While really that’s not what it is.

To be yourself in a world full of prefixed expectations, where we are literally raised and taught to do and be what we’re asked – it can be incredibly scary to take the first step out of this perception bubble.

No one’s really daring to just escape an established belief system without a sense of safety and reassurance of the possible outcome of this enterprise.

So, we are in the need of forbearers.

People who have already dared to break out of mental limitations to not only share with us their vision of what can be, but also provide us with a road map on how to get there.

Don’t Think “Competition”

Don’t think of possible allies as competition.

Mentors & Coaches are not sharing their accomplishments to say, “Look at me and now be the same.”

We’re merely sharing our experiences to reassure you of possibilities. 

To perceive and discount this work as self-exposition is contrary to the actual intention, which is to assist you on your own path towards self-realization.

Instead, this is why you should want to team up with someone who has already successfully pursued the quest you are currently on. To not only benefit from their experience but to also gain access to the tools which have already proven to be effective.

Strong allies are supporting the success of your mission.

For Mentors will be assisting you in self-exploration and guiding you towards self-recognition. They will enable you to decide what it is you want to approach as your next step towards self-realization.

All the while firing your internal motivation.

Reclaim Yourself: Own Your Life

Self-exploration is the beginning of reclaiming yourself and the foundation of how to own your life.

Because to own it, we have to become transparent.

We have to dig out our true selves from underneath the layers of our long worn camouflage and to have compassion for what we find.

But this is often easier said than done.

We’re so good at hiding, that we might not know what to look for and so we already struggle with how to begin.

Or, we may even be afraid of finding something we do not like, because we can’t yet figure how to love it.

Self-exploration can be a bit complicated – I’ll admit that.

We want to get it right – even be right.

“But how do we be right and still be fine with all of our flaws?”

A great question, which is in fact an aspect you may want your Allies – Mentors and Coaches – to assist you with.

Because you already are right and you already are okay, no matter what you are doing or have done.

You might just need someone to hold up a mirror to help you recognize this.

When The Magic Happens

The magic happens once you refrain from believing that you should be, and can only be, one thing all of the time.

I keep telling my friends and clients: It’s even okay to be a sarcastic jerk sometimes, if that is what you want, and as long as it is causing you pleasure without harming anyone. 

I am a jerk sometimes myself and not too afraid to demonstrate this. Somehow many people still think in order to be fulfilled we need to be flawless – while really that’s not even possible.

You Will Always Face Criticism

Another thing to become aware of on your Quest To Own Your Life, is to know that you will always face criticism.

It doesn’t matter if you humble yourself down or if you put yourself out there as the beautiful creation you are. You can be the most caring person and still someone’s going to question/doubt/condemn your intentions. 

To own your life and maintain internal motivation, you have to be aware that you cannot control what others think of you and learn that it is still okay to be who you are and make the choices you do.

A very good example for this understanding here, is the concept of parenting

As a parent – no matter how much you love and care about your kids – whatever you apply to their protection will be perceived as a limitation.

The baby you keep away from the electric output, will think of you as an oppressor. 

You take away from your kids the stuff which can hurt them and that makes you a Monster.

And this really applies to literally every relationship and social encounter.

You will never fit in entirely.

You will never experience utter sympathy. 

Cheer For Yourself

The world is never going to cheer for you all along your way, but that’s okay.

You can do the cheering for yourself

As you are the only one truly aware of what you are intending and accomplishing with that intention in mind.

Thus the only and shortest route towards fulfillment and happiness, is to shift your focus within and not allow any outside factors to have an impact on your decisions. 

Because every external opinion which you try to fit, is nothing but a wall for you to hit.

Also, once you stop relying on other people’s opinions, you can be almost certain that some people will call this “conceit”. But again, be aware that this is yet another attempt to sneak their opinions into your perception.

Do you see the trick here?

That doesn’t mean everyone is malevolent or does so with intention, most people are simply totally unaware of what they are doing, and even perceive their utterances and opinions as shared with their best interest. 

We’re all entirely different, that’s the thing.

Add To The Diversity! Own Your Life Today!

Add to the diversity!

Own your life today!

And always remember, should you ever lack internal motivation, try teaming up with a Mentor and let them cheer for you where you do not feel like cheering for yourself.

We are not your competition but your partner.

Check out Myselfcustomized if you want to see what you can do right now to improve your Life`s Experience – by yourself, or with the help of one of our Coaches.

It’s all your choice!

What are your experiences with mentoring or coaching? Share with us in the comments below!

Meta Description — Do you feel lost? Join us and find out how to Own Your Life, and how Mentors can make great Allies – firing your internal motivation by serving as examples.

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